Why am I doing this?

Christmas is just a few days away! January 1, 2022 is just around the corner. Everyone has had some ups and downs, but everyone has made steps towards improving themselves. Maybe it was a change in jobs, or increasing activity, new PR's, eating more veggies though out the day, or completing a fun challenge or 2. Making a change is challenging, especially when it is to benefit ourselves.

We all forget at times the why behind the change. Our why should always be for self-improvement. We can never be perfect, but we can always work to be better. This work is what others see. You might not get verbal recognition, or 1,000 likes on social media, but the people in your circle see the changes you have made. They are inspired by the changes, and it helps them feel more confident that they can follow suit. It is difficult to see your immediate results because we are indeed our worst critiques. Just know that you are making a difference for yourself and for others. Keep going!!!

Set those goals, reach them, and then set more! Every little step counts!

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