What about alcohol 🍺...

There are a lot of question around alcohol the 2 most common are;

How does it affect my muscle growth?

This one is a little more complex. The simple answer is one or two a few times a week has very little affects on your muscle growth. There are studies that show binge drinking (more than 4 drinks) does hinder your muscle growth. Alcohol does effect your testosterone, plasma amino acids, and the rate of protein synthesis (muscle building). Here is the link for the studies, should you feel like some light reading https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33467356/

How do I even go about tracking alcohol?

"My beer is only 90 calories with only 2 Carbs. Yep that's a win in the macro world!"

WRONG! This is not a win, alcohol is the macro-nutrient that has been forgotten and hidden away. Calorie count on the nutrition label is calculated by the macro-nutrients below. The formula is 1g carbohydrate=4 calories 1g protein=4 calories 1g fat=9calories 1g alcohol=7 calories. Are you now wondering why you have never seen alcohol listed as a macro-nutrient? That's because the FDA do not have any requirements for this. Even without alcohol the math doesn't add up, but that is not relevant for this topic.

If we take our 90 calorie beer we see that there are still 92 calories unaccounted for, if you are tracking on your own divide this by 7 for alcohol. If you are using an app update the nutrition information for your drink. You can choose either fats (divide by 9) or carbs(divide by 4), then add those in to the tracker to stay on top of your macro goals.

If you have questions about alcohol or anything else, feel free to send me a message!

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