Tiredness 😩

Do you feel as though you are really tired, no matter how much coffee or pre-work out you take?

You probably just need some good SLEEP.

Sleep is so important, this is the time that your body us able to recharge, and your brain is able to process all of the information.

In the previous post about brains, we discussed all of the things that our brain has to take in every day. The time you are sleeping allows your brain to compartmentalize all of that information.

Tips to improve sleep

*Sitting and watching T.V or playing on an electronic device is not the solution to adequate rest. This is just adding more information that your brain has to process.

*What are you eating?

Making sure you are eating foods that give you good energy, things that are low in added sugar and fats, and higher in protein and micronutrients. This allows your body to easily digest foods for energy.

*What are you drinking?

Pay attention to your caffeine intake. Try and eliminate caffeine drinks about 6 hours before bed. This will allow your body time to be caffeine free and allow your mind and body to rest.

*What activities are you doing before bed? Something that we don't think about is what's going on around us. Try and restrain from activities that stimulate your body, such as a work out an hour before bed time. Avoid things that stimulate the brain, like mindless clicking through tik tok. Take about 10 minutes before bed to just sit and relax. This allows your body time to not be so restless.

*What activities are going on when you are in bed?

If there is a T.V going shut it off! The brain is still processing all of that noise and light. Instead have white noise going. You can do this by running a fan, or play rain sounds. Things that are continous and does not stimulate your brain. This will also help block out any noise that may be disruptive to your sleep.

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