THE list

“Where did the time go?” “I just keep having to add more to the list!” “I didn’t get anything done.” “UGHHHHH!!!!!”

Sometimes it can feel as though the to-do list keeps getting longer, and less and less things are being removed. There are a lot of reasons why things are not getting done, and everyone’s reason is different. Seeing the pile of things to do get bigger can be stressful, and it can distract you from what is important. It can be difficult to manage the everything all at once here are some tips to help decrease stress and your to-do list.

#1 Write it down (or use an app)- seeing the list in front of you makes it less likely for you to forget things. I use a pen and paper style, but I also use the Cozi app, in case I think of things when I am not by my list.

#2 Prioritize- pick your top 3 nonnegotiable things to do every day, then have a non emergent list of the other things. This will help you make sure you are able to get to all the things you need to do. If I notice that there are items on my non emergent side that I keep putting to the next day, I move them to my top 3 so I can make sure I get them done.

#3 Stop sweating the small stuff- Your to do list might look long, but when you examine it closely at it there might be items on it that only take 10-15 minutes. Stop putting them off, just do them. The little things add up and if you continue to put them off, they will continue to nag at you. This will lead to added unnecessary stress.

#4 Schedule it- If you find you are unable to complete your top 3, schedule an appointment time for that day when you will be able to complete the task. My agenda for the day has all my client appointments, personal workout times, family appointments, I even set time aside for my 10–15-minute posing sessions.

Doing these 4 things can help you not over schedule yourself and you will get a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Time management gets easier the more practice you put into it. Something to remember is when your to do list is not completed, give yourself a little grace, reevaluate why it wasn’t completed, and then try it again the next day.

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