Mundane Monday

Monday sneaks up on you. You are slow getting to your workout, but finish it any way. Your eating is on point! Yes! Winning this day!

Tuesday- Thursday your workouts are killers and you have done so good not eating out or indulging in that delicious office birthday cake.

Friday comes around motivated to get that workout in! It's the last one for the week. You have a nice breakfast and morning snack. Then you are asked to go out to lunch. You have a burger and fries. You were good all week it's OK. Friday night you have a few drinks.

Saturday and Sunday you sleep in, you might have breakfast around 10 am, then maybe a snack around 3pm. You are starving by dinner you have more than usually, you even add in a dessert and a few drinks and go to bed late.

Monday rolls around, you peel yourself out of bed, do a half ass workout and proceed with your weekly diet.

The cycle repeats every week 😒

What if we could make Monday not feel so bad?

This can be done with consistency.

If you keep your food, sleep, and activity levels consistent, your body will be thankful. You will have the energy you need to get through those mundane Mondays. You will have the desire engage in active rest like yoga or walking on the weekends.

You can enjoy the little things in life without over indulging.

Consistency is key!

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