I feel like I forgot something....

I love training the whole body! I don't mean cardio or strength training. I am talking about the part of the body that a lot of people forget to train. The BRAIN. It is kind of funny since it is indeed the most important part of our body. The brain is an amazing part of our body. When we walk by a bakery and smell bread cooking, our brain triggers a memory that we revisit for a moment. Not to mention our brain is the reason why we are walking! Our brain can do many things all at the same time.

Something that is overlooked a lot is keeping the brain active. Doing tasks that cause the brain to be challenged can be beneficial not only to your memory, but also to your activity level. Did you know that the brain is the only part of the body that gets its fuel strictly from fat? Well you do now! Now with this said you are probably not going to reach your fat loss goal by sitting and doing crosswords all day. However, it will help you increase your activity levels. The more your brain is working the more your body will want to follow suit. It is the same concept, if you are just binge watching some mindless T.V, your body will want to continue to just sit and be inactive too.

You can increase brain activity by combining multiple movements into one movement, such as dead bugs or standing on one leg and passing an object overhead. You can do things that you find challenging and enjoyable, such as crafting, gardening, games of strategy, and even reading. Next time it is time to wind down for the day, try to keep your brain active.

Don't forget to train the brain!

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