Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day to give thanks for what we have. Enjoy this day! Celebrate with your family and friends. Be present in the day and make memories!

Today is not meant to be stressed about how much we eat, getting the perfect gifts, or stressing over making all the perfect details. Try to give yourself some grace today.

Tips and tricks to help reduce the stress

  • Take time today for yourself, get your workout in or go for a walk

  • Accept help when it is offered. When people ask to give you help that means they want help they are not asking because they feel like it.

  • Be mindful of how much you eat. Slow down so you avoid the over stuffed feeling.

  • Avoid under eating throughout the day. This can cause over eating at meal time.

  • Start with your proteins and veggies then move on to the potatoes and bread

  • Sample size your desserts. Who doesn't want a little bit of everything!

  • Last but not least remember that tomorrow you will still need to eat and do your normal level of activity. Avoid doing unhealthy coping skills. Such as reducing your calories (starving) and over doing the activity (2 hours of cardio).

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