Fresh or Frozen 🤔

When asked fresh or frozen produce, most people respond with fresh. Fresh fruit and veggies are great if you grow them yourself. Or have the luxury of having fresh produce readily available from local farmers. This is not always the case. Why does this matter? Because the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need can be found in these foods. These micro-nutrients help us with blood circulation, bone strength, hormone regulation, digestion, and many more body functions. The more of these micro-nutrients you can get from natural sources, the better.

Most of the time “fresh” produce that is bought in the grocery store has been picked prematurely to allow the produce to ripen during transport and delivery. This means that the produce you are eating is not as packed full of those micro-nutrients our body needs. Now when you buy the frozen veggies they are picked when ripe and then frozen. They are given that needed time to fully mature in the environment it is grown.

Now I am not saying always buy frozen, because they do not suit every dish. Personally, my favorite snacks are raw vegetables. I love the crunch and taste they have. I am not going to get that from frozen veggies. However, I do use frozen produce at every chance I get. I use frozen fruit in my smoothies and frozen veggies in my lunches and dinners. Not only am I getting more nutrients this way, but I am also able to save time and money!

Side note: If you pass by a roadside produce stand, stop and support the local farmer!

If you are interested in learning more about how to tune into your nutrition, contact me. We can get started on setting up a great meal plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. If you are already working with me, talk to me about my referral program.

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